Third Danieli Long Product Rolling Mill at Hoa Phat Dung Quat Complex

Third Danieli Long Product Rolling Mill at Hoa Phat Dung Quat Complex

Fed by upstream Danieli casters it will produce 1 Mtpy of wire rod coils

Hoa Phat, the largest steel producer in Vietnam, renewed its trust in Danieli with the order for the new, 1M-tpy rolling mill for wire rod, to be installed at the Dung Quat complex.

This will be the third rolling mill for long products in Dung Quat – all of them supplied by Danieli.

Fed by 12m-long, 150-mm-square-billets produced by the upstream Danieli continuous casting machines, the new mill will produce 5.5- to 25-mm dia wire rod coils, in low-, medium- and high-carbon grades.

The rolling line is comprised of a high-speed free-rougher followed by an intermediate mill rolling on two strands. After that, bars continue on two independent rolling lines made of pre-finishing cantilever stands followed by 10-pass wire rod blocks adopting semi-multidrive technology for improved management of rolling rings and reduced spares inventory.

Finished product quality is monitored in real-time by Hi-Profile measuring devices, while water cooling lines installed before and after (across) the fast-finishing blocks, together with the 95-m-long cooling conveyors provide the desired final mechanical characteristics to the finished products, according to the different sizes and steel grades.

Pinch rolls and oil-film bearing laying heads will guarantee the best coil shape and surface quality.

The complete electrical and automation system for the entire line is supplied by Danieli Automation.


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