Stainless Steel Prices


World Stainless Steel Prices are computed from an arithmetic average of the low transaction values identified in three regions (EU, Asia and North America), converted into US dollars using currency exchange rates effective at the start of each month to provide a basis for comparison.

World Stainless Steel Price

Month  Hot Rolled Coil (304)  Cold Rolled Coil (304)  Hot Rolled Coil (316)  Cold Rolled Coil (316)  

Stainless Steel prices are also available for USA, China, Japan, South Korea Taiwan, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands in MEPS Stainless Steel Review

MEPS Stainless Steel Review

This publication provides stainless steel price and market information for hot rolled plate (304 and 316), hot rolled coil (304 and 316), cold rolled coil (304,316 and 430), plus drawn and peeled bar (304 and 316). Two austenitic and ferritic grades are assessed in thirteen countries around the world covering 65% of global consumption. Countries include Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, the USA, Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan. Details of basis price negotiations and alloy surcharge values, where applicable, are incorporated.

Regional transaction prices including a 6-month forecast are added to assist with strategic purchasing. Estimates of alloy surcharges and nickel prices are also included in each issue. Our published figures are used as the Benchmarked Steel Price for numerous contracts between steelmakers, steel consumers and their customers.


Europe Steel Prices

North America Steel Prices

Asia Steel Prices

World Steel Prices

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